Founded in 2014, Flavors Atelier is a partner to cafes, restaurants and beverage brand owners. We create new customer experiences for you through exciting beverage recipe designs unique to your brands.

Naturally, that means helping you through your entire marketing journey, from recipe development, to storytelling briefing for your operations team on sell-through, to how it fits within your entire brand identity.

About Carel Soo, Founder

Carel has been in the food and beverage industry for more than 10 years, having been a seasoned marketer for brands like Nestle Professional, Firmenich, Swensen’s, BreadTalk. Armed with a discernment for developing flavors that appeal to current trends, and a good working, end-to-end knowledge of the F&B industry, from the kitchen to operations to marketing communications, Carel is well-positioned to be your beverage partner of choice.



We understand that not every organisation has the luxury of engaging an in-house expert to oversee the concoction of their beverage creations. More often than not, this important task falls on those in operations, or ingredients suppliers.

Flavors Atelier was started to help food and beverage establishments inject excitement continuously into their beverage menu, and brand owners drive increased consumption through recipe creations.

Food and Beverage Establishments

You go through the trouble of making your dining recipe your own. With the competitive nature of the F&B environment, wouldn’t you want to offer beverages that are special only to you as well?

From our experience in operations and marketing, we will help you create an enticing beverage menu that’s not just visually appealing but also easy to prepare. What’s more, the recipes we develop for you take into consideration your food menu to make them a perfect complement.

Taking into account your operations efficiency, profit, cost, and ongoing market trends, we will also help you develop the entire storytelling and training so that your staff can be easily briefed on the positioning of the new recipes, how they should be served, and how to sell them to drive guest loyalty.

Designing your own beverage:

  • We walk you through the entire process. From understanding your unique brand positioning to helping you create customised recipes which can be easily prepared in your kitchen.
  • We also tailor new beverages for the special occasions, events and holidays
  • Let us know your needs, and we’ll bring everything else to the table!

Brand Owners

Your Customers

To expand your brand appeal to reach more consumers, we can help you create new markets with delicious beverage recipes using your product as a key ingredient.

Whether it’s putting a twist to a classic, or developing whole new sensations, we handcraft with the most suitable ingredients to create and curate recipes which can be easily prepared and guaranteed to delight.

Be it for a home party or a special home-prepared meal, consumers can learn about the many ways of enjoying your products with these easy recipes. Ultimately, its about engaging your current and new consumers, and retaining their loyalty to your brand over time.

Your Business Partners

We can help you expand your business development opportunities by providing your valued partners with more choice solutions.

This means providing their customers with greater variety while making it operationally friendly at the same time. Flavors Atelier will work with you to understand your unique brand positioning as well as your ingredients in order to create recipes with powerful appeal to deliver maximum returns for you and your partners.



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